founder of mamalove LorraineMama Love is a family wellness service dedicated to helping mums create healthy families.

I decided to work with families and mums in particular because I believe that we are the key to a healthier future. I also believe that as a parent your own health and wellbeing is critical to that of the entire family.

Through my own personal journey into motherhood, with the arrival of Georgia in 2016, I learnt a lot about myself. Most importantly I learnt simply that on the days that I took better care of myself, I was a better mum! Any little self-care made a difference; a quick walk around the block, a 10-minute meditation during nap time, a shower (because especially in the early days, this did not happen as frequently as it really should have!!).

When I did these things, I didn’t let the little things get to me so much. Witching Hour halved (just kidding … as if … but it did get easier), the runaway naked baby during change time became a lot funnier and the repetitive ‘baby throw and mama pick up’ became a very convenient form of much-needed exercise (not quite but you get it 🙂 ) In short, I believe that taking care of you, really is taking care of them. And so Mama Love was born!

At Mama Love, I am here to help you achieve your optimal health through one-on-one health coaching, education on lifestyle changes and providing solutions for things that should just be but just aren’t! (more on that soon)

For now, though, I’m very excited to start this new journey into health coaching and as I continue my studies and develop my programs I hope you will join me along the way.

If you would like to know more about mama love, I would love to speak with you. Please contact me at or fill in this form

Take Care of You!