founder and health coach Lorraine

Parenting is no easy task! I’m not entirely sure why no-one tells you this before you have kids! Yes, its amazing and their snotty little faces are super cute but there is A LOT to do! ALL of the time!  

I swear there’s a parenting code somewhere that forbids you from telling people what its really like, maybe they’re worried about the continuation of the human race, who knows?!  I’m pretty sure some of us would think twice … if we knew 🙂

Joking aside, it is the best but most challenging job in the world and like any job, we all need a little help to be our best. I know I certainly could have done with it when I fell into the parenting trap 🙂 This is why I created Mama Love.

I want to help mums like me create healthy families.

With everything that’s expected of parents today staying on top of it all is a challenge! And staying on top of our own health is even more challenging.

At Mama Love we help mums find ways to adopt healthier lifestyle choices for the whole family. We help with everything from meal time to me time and promise to show you quick, easy and affordable ways to create the lifestyle you want for you and your family. See our programs page for all of the details.