I absolutely believe that the key to health is strong positive connections! “Love is all you need” is not just another cliche, it really is (well along with water, food and sleep 😉 ) the foundation for health and longevity. 

It astounds me that in a world of over 7 billion people, there are still those who sit alone each night, wake up to an empty home and crave human touch! We’re social beings us humans, we’re biologically programmed to connect. It’s not just fiction or heeby,jeeby stuff… it’s science!  

Our modern world screams for independence but have we taken it a step too far? In our efforts to do it all alone we’re losing the very core of our existence! Our ability to relate, empathise and our ability to love … all because we want to prove we can or we’re simply too proud to ask for help. 

I found this especially prevalent in modern day motherhood! There is so much pressure on parents to do it all alone. Raise the kids, have a career, build a home and all with a great big smile! Whatever happened to our village? Not too long ago, children were raised in much greater social circles, surrounded by aunts, cousins and neighbours, our extended family’s. But as we’ve evolved and the world became our oyster, people moved to their own little corners of the world leaving our extended family behind and whilst friendships may have been made, many of us lost our support network and have been left to go it alone! 

Outside of the weekly mothers group and access to social media, it surprises me how little support so many of us have in raising the next generation. And as a result, we don’t take care of ourselves anywhere near as much as we need to, simply because we don’t have the time.

This is why mama love was born. I’m not the only one noticing this unsustainable shift. There seems to be a movement of sorts, where we’re all waking up to the reality of parenthood and finally understanding that we don’t need to prove anything to anyone, we don’t need to do it alone. We simply need to love; love our family yes but allow ourselves the time to love ourselves too in whatever way that makes the most sense for you!

How are you taking care of you?