They say eating a rainbow of fruits and veges every day will fuel your body to optimal health!

So I’ve created this handy little reference guide to sum up the goodness in each colour of your rainbow!  I’ve printed mine and stuck it on the fridge as a daily reminder to eat colourfully :).

I hope you find this useful!

Great for … Top Tip …
Deep Greens Purifying the blood

Strengthening the immune system

Nourishing the nervous system

Warding off depression and anxiety

Serve a leafy salad with or before most meals to pack in as many greens as possible (spinach, lettuce, kale)
Red fruits and veges Heart and Brain function, especially memory As simple as an apple a day or add red onion to your salads.
Orange fruits and veges Improving eye health and immunity

(Full of beta carotene and vitamin C)

Simply eat an orange every day or for when it gets cold, I love to make carrot and orange soup, add a little ginger for some extra immune support.
Yellow fruits and veges Improving circulation Start your day with a little lemon and warm water or add some yellow peppers to your favourite stir-fry.
White fruits and veges Reducing blood pressure and LDL cholesterol Pack your meals with garlic and onions daily – not only do they have amazing antiviral and anti-bacterial properties they are often used as natural antibiotics. If you can handle it, eat a raw clove of garlic daily 🙂
Blue and purple foods Preventing early signs of ageing and heart disease Rich in antioxidants I aim for a serving of mixed berries every day or you can try some purple carrots or potatoes in your next casserole or stew.

Take Care of you