I’m delighted to bring you our brand new health program: INSIDE OUT.

INSIDE OUT has been designed to do exactly what it says, transform you from the INSIDE OUT.

Living a healthy and happy life does not simply mean plating up on the kale! 🙂 You can eat all of the kale you want and still not be healthy. Our health is the sum of many parts and it’s important to strive for balance in as many areas as we can.

Yes, it’s absolutely important to eat healthily, but it’s just as, if not more important to nourish your soul. Having real relationships that you can count on, pursuing a career with meaning for you and living your life abundantly. All of these will make you healthier than the food on your plate.  Feeding your soul and sharing this with the people you love is what will ultimately make you healthy and happy.

For most people, when we take care of these primary needs, we actually become more mindful of the food on our plates and our diet tends to take care of itself.

A happy life craves balance but perfecting this is hard.

Mamalove can help you identify where you can add more balance into your life. Whether its your diet, your exercise routine, relationships, career or finance. Any part of your life that is currently under nourished, we can help provide you with the space and the tools you need to live the life want.

Check out the program page for all of the details and contact me when you’re ready for your free consultation. I can’t wait to get working together.

Take care of you