Hi Mama’s,

I know we’re almost half way through Spring but it’s finally here! Our latest #sugarandshitfree meal planner! We’ve saved some of our favourites and added a pinch of Spring by adding a number of lighter recipes; including some of my very own salads, soups and a really great new lamb recipe!

This season, we’ve also included a staples section!  Here you’ll find some of my favourite bread, stock and bone broth recipes. Plus I’ve even included some new healthy snacks!

Everything you need for every meal has been covered for you right here 🙂 


Here’s a few tips on how to use this planner:

  1. You’ll notice I start the week on a Sunday. I use Sunday as a batch cooking day, only because it’s the only day hubby tends to not be working!! But you can use whatever day works for you.
  2. I batch cook all of the dinners for the first half of the week; in this case, the lamb and the curry. I also batch cook the soups and I’ll make some fresh bread and maybe some of the snacks such as the chia pots and oat cookies or muffins! It sounds like a lot but it’s a few hours maybe at best and once done, there is no more cooking until Wednesday! YAY!!
  3. Come Wednesday I cook everything I need for Wednesday and Thursday and cook as normal Friday and Saturday.
  4. Saturday night pizzas is a great one to do with the kids, they love the mess and can get creative with their pizza toppings!
  5. I’ve included a shopping list for all of the lunches and dinners, I highly recommend shopping online!  This will save you lots of time and also reduce any urges to buy all of those unnecessary (and usually costly) “specials” and “treats”!  😉

Also, please don’t forget to subscribe, every week we send a brand new recipe for you to add to your meal planner. If you have any recipes you’d like to share or any mummy hacks for getting shit done faster, more easily and more affordably, please send them through! God knows we need them 🙂 

I hope you find this useful and as always, if you have any feedback I’d love to hear from you.

Take care and happy cooking!

If you have any special dietary requirements, I can help you customise your very own meal planner for you and your family. Contact me today for more info on my one on one offerings.