Let’s face it being a mum can be stressful and if you’re anything like me, dinner time is one of the worst stresses of all. Before having kids, I had this disillusioned image that I would be happily cooking in the kitchen whilst the kids played, calling out how much they loved me and my cooking!! (haha)  Needless to say, this did not happen!  In fact, dinnertime has been an absolute pain in the ass! As soon as I even attempt to go near the cooker I have a screaming toddler around my ankles who just wants “up” “up”!

So for weeks now I’ve been trying to find a better way. A way for me not to have to cook every day from scratch. Foods that I can bulk prepare and refrigerate or freeze. And still cook healthy tasty meals that are affordable.

I’ve tested heaps of different recipes from some of my favourite chefs. I’ve tried them out on friends and family, made a few tweaks along the way and have finally come up with a meal planner that I hope will help free up your time, provide healthy meals and snacks for the family and most importantly save your sanity! There are absolutely no added sugars or nasties in these recipes. They taste great and you can still have sweet treats.

Being healthy does not need to be a life sentence and it doesn’t need to taste crap either! You still need to live!  And enjoying good food (wine) and sweet treats is a part of living. This meal plan is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. And with just a little preparation, you can easily add these healthier choices into your family.

So here it is, a preview of my first meal planner.

grab your copy of mamalove meal planner template

I’ve also included all of the recipes, including my top tips for stretching them out as well as a basic grocery list so that you can very quickly hop online and order, another time and sanity saver.

To access these recipes and your very own meal planner template simply subscribe. I’ll also send you new recipes each week as I try and test them. If you have any family favourites please share, I’d love to add them to our list.

In the meantime, happy cooking and take care of you!