We’ve read many stories and many rhymes over this first year but we always seem to come back to these favourites! Here’s our winning list for year 1.

Best bedtime story: On the night you were born; Nancy Tillman I started reading this a few months before Georgia was even born and I have read it every night since I bought it. I know the entire book by heart and I absolutely love this story! Although I do think it’s maybe time to start mixing things up a bit! (Sorry Nancy)

Best sensory book: 123; Aplha prints Georgia loves this book!  The illustrations are formed like finger prints with lots of colour and funny little rhymes to go along with it! Our favourite number is 8. It goes a little something like this …”8 baby bears love to eat and eat, they snuffle with their noses and hunt for a treat”, I ad-libbed a little and added “there’s my favourite treat on two feet.” Followed by an all fours chase and a scream across the room … loves it 🙂

Runner up: Peek-a-Who? by Nina Laden Such a cute little book! Last page is a mirror, Peek-a-you! erupts into fits of laughter every time! 🙂

Best Nursery Rhyme: Its Bitsy Spider (I actually think its incy wincy but whatever) Hands down, absolutely loves this rhyme! I accidentally discovered one day that singing this will calm her down and nod her off even in the midst of battling herself out of the carseat (she does not love the car at all)! Itsy Bitsy you legend you!

Mama’s favourite poem: If, by Rudyard Kipling A beautiful message for any little one! Although best read whilst they’re young and less mobile … now every time I read it, she just climbs on me and tries to eat the pages! Not sure if it’s the poem or my voice she’s trying to shut up! 🙂

Whats your favourite stories to read with your little (or big) ones? 🙂


( I knew these cheesy photos would come in handy some day! Georgia does not seem to be enjoying that story much at all!!  3 months old here and already my moody head on her 🙂 )