mamalove health coachingMama’s it’s time to take a moment, stop putting away the toys and think about yourself, just for one second.

When, since the day you knew your little ones were on their way, did you do that?

It’s a radical idea I know,  but  when you are busy taking care of your family, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself.

Helping you refocus on taking care of you is where MamaLove Health Coaching can help.

What is a health coach? Health Coaching or Integrative Nutrition adopts a holistic approach to health and wellness. Modern medicine tends to focus on treating the disease. Holistic medicine treats the person. Everything about the person; from diet and nutrition to relationships, personal choices and lifestyle.

By examining all of the major areas of your life, we can confidently identify the cause of your health issues. And by understanding where we are starting, we can work on integrating new lifestyle choices that will help propel you into a healthier happier life.

Health Coaching does not replace modern medicine. In fact, it is an extension and is integrating with these practices. Our current health trends call for a radicalisation of how we approach peoples health and wellness. Globally, chronic diseases continue to rise and preventable or at least better-managed diseases such as obesity, diabetes and depression are getting out of control.

More than ever it’s imperative that we look at preventative health care so that we significantly reduce our risk to these types of health issues for ourselves and our children. I was astounded to learn that worldwide there are more than 41 million children under the age of 5 who are obese. How is this even possible? These are babies! And Depression is officially the leading cause of disability worldwide with women, in particular, being more susceptible to both of these major health risks.

All of this can change through healthy diets, exercise and making smarter lifestyle choices. But it’s not always that easy. My goal as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is to help you adopt these healthier choices, so that not only you can lead a more balanced, energised and happier life, but so that you can teach your children how to do the same.

I decided to work with families and mums in particular, because I believe that we are the key to a healthier future. Whether we like it or not, we are our children’s first and primary role model. What we teach them and more importantly what we show them, will stay with them. It’s for this very reason that you should prioritise your own health and your own needs.

Too often, we parents ignore our own needs in place of our kids, thinking that is best. The reality is our children need strong, positive role models. Your well-being is just as important as theirs. And the better you feel about you, your life, and the choices you make, so will they.

Together we can break these cycles, reverse these trends and not only give our children the best start in life but reclaim the life we want to, completely guilt free.

I honestly believe that there is no greater gift you could give your children than to be your best self. Teach them to accept nothing less by being the example they need and everyone especially you will thank you for it.

I promise you; taking care of you, is taking care of them.